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Life boat test kits


Queensland Rigging Hire offer Seaflex life boat test kits for hire and rental. Supplied in transit box they contain all equipment required to test up to 7 tonne in lifeboats, platforms and other structures.

An air driven double diaphragm pump with suction tube fills up to 6 bags simultaneously and is capable of working in hazardous environments. In total, 19 x 375kg capacity bags are filled and discharged through the hoses supplied to produce the required test load.

Our Seaflex lifeboat test kits are regularly used by local and international companies for the mandatory 5 year SOLAS testing of lifeboats. We have provided the lifeboat kits and calibrated load cells for test works on offshore platforms, offshore tender boats, merchant ships and cruise ships at many Australian ports. We can provide prompt delivery to all Australian ports.

Note: The information on this page is indicative only. Please consult our team before undertaking any operations with this device.

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