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Offset Lifting Beam


Queensland Rigging Hire have an Offset Lifting Beam available for short and long term hire.

The following specifications are relevant to the Offset Lifting Beam design:
• Working Load Limits (Appendix A):
o 5.0t @ 2.0m offset
o 3.5t @ 2.5m offset
o 2.4t @ 3.0m offset
• Offset Lifting Beam tare mass: 4,450kg (approx.)
• Lifting Beam tare mass: 1,120kg (approx.)
• Counterweight tare mass: 3,330kg (approx.)
• Required minimum sling rating: 10.0t
• Design factor: 1.5x (AS 4991-2004)
• Design standards: AS 3990-1993 & AS 4991-2004

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