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Toku TAW 1000 Air Winch



Queensland Rigging Hire stock a pair of Toku TAW1000 Air Winches.

This TOKU 1,000kg Lifting capacity (to full drum) Industrial pneumatic winch is a proven performer for the past 30 years in a wide range of applications and as standard comes with dual brakes – Made in Japan!

The specific series winches are suitable for hazardous environments, underground mining applications and other harsh and humid environments. They have forged a reputation as a very durable, reliable winch which is based on their simple, solid construction and rotary vane motor. The unit is made from solid cast iron, yet it is still very lightweight and easily moveable and can be placed in confined spaces easily.

SAFETY is paramount and as such this winch is standard with an automatic failsafe brake and also a manual band brake for added safety, and important OH&S feature! The positive full range of speed control is easily achieved through the spool valve design coupled with the rotary vane motor, giving the operator greater control over the payout and winching speeds, further adding to the safety aspect of this winch.

One of the main benefits of this winch is the ease of servicing, especially on site. Should the need arise, the motor section can be very quickly and easily accessed from one side by removing a small number of bolts, and the gear section (on the opposite side) is also easily accessed by removing a side housing.

The units come from the factory with a quick engage/disengage clutch. As standard and for safety, we remove this feature so the clutch is not accessible, however if you application requires it we can deliver it “activated” or if you find after delivery you require it activated, you can “re-activate” it with small parts – all on site, if required.

The winch comes with mounting frame and is ready to bolt down and get to work.

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