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Pulltester – Pad Eye Tester


Queensland Rigging Hire have a PT21 Pull Tester in stock and available for hire. We stock the basic PT21 Standard pack which includes everything that you need to start pull testing pad eyes and other lifting points, all securely housed in a rugged travel case for easy transporting.

We also stock the following test accessory kits-

  • Clutch TAK  –  used for load testing concrete lifting clutches in 1.3t, 2.5t & 5t capacities
  • Skip TAK  –  used for load testing lifting points on skip bins
  • Plate TAK  –  used for load testing road plate lifters
  • Lift TAK  –  allows quick height adjustment of pad eye tester through magnetic inserts
  • Rope TAK  –  allows the PT21 to be connected to a rope while being used at heights

Note: The information on this page is indicative only. Please consult our team before undertaking any operations with this device.

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