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Proof Load Water Bags



Queensland Rigging Hire stock a large range of Unique Seaflex WaterLoad™ bags, and Safe T Bag, Proof load testing bags for hire, ranging in capacities from 1t to 35 tonnes.

The WaterLoad™ Bags can be used individually or clustered for load testing of up to 1000 tonne on one hook. This method of water weight is ideal for testing cranes and are issued log books, certificates and operating instructions.

Each unit is certified as being constructed in accordance with rigorous ISO 9001:2000 procedures, approved by Lloyds Registered Quality Assurance to a design that has physically passed the 6:1 type Test at TUVNEL LTD Glascow.

We cater to a wide industry base including the shipping, offshore oil and Gas, Power Generation and Mining Industries.

Queensland Rigging Hire stock a large range of hoses and fittings to make using our WaterLoad™ bags quick and easy.


Note: The information on this page is indicative only. Please consult our team before undertaking any operations with this device.

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